The Junlebao Dairy Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, now is the largest dairy enterprises in Hebei Province、National high-tech enterprise、national agricultural industrialization key enterprises. The company has more than 8000 employees now, and has 16 production plants in Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Jilin and other provinces. The business scope includes four plates of infant milk powder, low temperature yogurt, normal temperature liquid milk and animal husbandry. The company established the dairy industry covering the whole industry chain operations layout, coordinated development, dairy nutrition, health and safety for consumers. The company completed sales revenue of 8 billion yuan in 2016, ranking fourth in the industry, leading sales growth rate in the industry.

  The company treated quality and safety as the fundamental, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry chain. The first step is the milk upgrade. JUNLEBAO will self-ranch and acquisition, holding a large ranch as the focus of enterprise development, is now in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Xingtai and other places built 9 large modern ranch, the main index of raw milk is better than the United States, Japan and EU standards. For all cooperative dairy farms and breeding areas, large-scale, standardized and intensive management mode was adopted, with centralized feeding rates and mechanized milking rates of 100%. Two is the upgrading of production technology. Over the past five years, billions of yuan has been invested to build high-grade yogurt processing projects, the world's top milk powder factory projects. Among them, the Yongsheng plant project is the largest in the country, the highest degree of automation equipment, yogurt production workshop. The milk powder factory adopts the international leading technology, integrating more than 10 countries, more than 20 patents, more than 30 suppliers of equipment and technology. The company passed the IS09001 quality management system and IS014001 environmental management system certification , infant formula milk powder by the global food safety international standard (BRC) top AA+ certification and IFS international food standards certification.

  Scientific research and innovation as the driving force to achieve leapfrog across the national dairy industry. Jun Yue annual investment in scientific research, accounting for more than 5% of total sales, has completed more than 150 innovative projects. In 2010 was identified as the national dairy processing technology research and development center. Adhere to the quality and brand of double drive, pioneered the development of the red dates, sea buckthorn yogurt and other health products; to develop the country's first functional activity of lactic acid bacteria beverage - "daily living bacteria"; independent research and development of the "dairy Grand Manor" European yogurt was first developed in China fresh cheese products, together with pure yogurt, enjoy I open the coffee room temperature yogurt and other products, all in the SIAL China international food and Beverage Exhibition was awarded the "best special award" award.

  To revitalize the dairy industry as the mission, and realize the idea that “China made good milk", JUNLEBAO infant formula international standard infant milk powder production standard, with "world-class ranch + world class partners + world class factory + world class management system" of the "four world" standard, producing world-class high-quality milk, the world's first through the BRC global food product safety standard top AA+ certification. Has launched a gold, platinum, etc. installed to infant formula products, since its launch in 2014 about two million has won the trust of consumers. August 8, 2016, Jun Yue Po infant milk powder officially landed in Hongkong market sales.

  In January 2017, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and the Chairman of the Military Commission of the Central Committee Xi Jinping inspected the JUNLEBAO infant formula production base , to ensure the quality and safety optimization practice affirmed, and put forward the idea that "let the next generation of the motherland drink high quality milk, is very important to me."